Published on 09.12.2017


Transversal Project Manager

The Transversal project Manager coordinate the implementation of the BU strategy across internal Sigfox stakeholders.




Business Planning:

  • Contribute to budget exercise and the corresponding business development plan
  • Monitor performance and report KPIs
  • Pilot plan reviews according to performance and business intelligence
  • Communicate results to BU


Project monitoring:

  • Formulate action plans with key milestones and RACI
  • Coordinate deliveries from numerous stakeholders
  • Escalate potential issues with alternative solution proposals


Operator BU representative in transversal projects

  • Advocate SOs and BU requirements in cross functional teams incl. marketing, engineering, finance and legal
  • Collaborate and build a shared vision with stakeholders
  • Follow-up on stakeholders’ commitments


Maximize business opportunities

  • Identify customers and Sigfox Operators’ pain points or new sources of revenues
  • Set up business cases incl. ROI and risk assessment
  • Develop business plan and constitute task force
  • Get top-management’s buy-in


Facilitate alignment amongst practices

  • Identify quickly the right interfaces to solve a problem
  • Connect relevant stakeholders on common interests
  • Translate ideas between technical and commercial worlds
  • Foster creativity with out-of-the box analogies



  • Strong problem solver. “Don’t come with problems, come with solutions” minded.
  • Change management
  • Result oriented
  • Resilient
  • At least 10 years of experience on similar role. Engineer background + management consulting or marketing experience.
  • Start-up and international compliant


Sigfox, as a learning organization and open minded on Diversity is ready to welcome Extra-ordinary people and adapt their workplace 



Full time