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The quickest way to start prototyping is with a Sigfox compatible development kit. You’ll find a wide range of available kits on the Sigfox Partner Network, including Arduino and Raspberry PI boards.

The development kits generally come with included subscription to the Sigfox connectivity service and can be activated online.

Integrate Sigfox in your device

How to partner with Sigfox ?

Sigfox Verified Module

Ready to use component to be soldered to a board.

Sigfox Verified Reference Design

Collection of schematics, Bill of Materials including components values and tolerances, PCB layout, PCB stack to be implemented on a board.

To integrate the Sigfox protocol in your own device design, you have three different options:

  • Use an existing Sigfox Verified module
  • Use a Sigfox Verified reference design
  • Create your own design from scratch*

*For this last option, you’ll have to go through the Sigfox Verified certification program to ensure the ability of your design to synthesize a Sigfox radio signal that meet Sigfox protocol and Sigfox radio modulation requirements. It should be considered only for very large volumes of devices, very specific requirements and if you have in-house expertise. Basing your design on an existing Sigfox Verified module will be the optimal solution in the vast majority of use cases, since it enables a quick go-to-market at a great price point.

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Components of a connected device

Components of a connected device

The main components of a connected device are the sensor, the modem, the battery and the antenna. The casing wraps-up all the components. The device has 3 function: product application, communication function, power management.

Components of a connected device

Antenna design

To benefit from an optimal link budget, it’s highly important to pay a great attention to the antenna design.

Components of a connected device

Power management

All the components must be carefully managed from an energy consumption point of view. How often the device emits radio frames to send its data and the data payload weight will have a direct impact on the energy consumption.

Components of a connected device


The key parameters are quite extensive when choosing the battery: capacity, energy density, nominal voltage, discharge performance...

Any connected device operating on the Sigfox global network must pass the Sigfox Ready certification to ensure the best operating performance. The Sigfox Ready program for end products doesn’t substitute local regulations about for example electromagnetic compatibility, security and safety...

Sigfox Ready device
Sigfox Ready

Sigfox Ready device
Ready to communicate product with a specific customer application embedding secured Ids/Keys and dedicated antenna.

Sigfox Cloud service

Sigfox routes all data from your devices through the Sigfox Cloud. The Sigfox Cloud then provides standards-based HTTPS callbacks so that your server application can receive and send data from your devices. REST APIs are also available to integrate some of the Sigfox Cloud functions in a third-party platform, device registration for example. For more details on how to use the Sigfox Cloud and its callbacks and APIs, we invite you to visit the Sigfox Developer site.

Sigfox Cloud Interfaces

Sigfox Cloud Interfaces

The Sigfox Cloud supports all Sigfox services. So, when it comes to data availability, user and fleet management, service maps, and so on, the Sigfox cloud is reachable through three interfaces: web portal, API, callbacks.

Sigfox Ready

It is also possible to connect the Sigfox Cloud directly to some of the world’s leading IoT platforms if you’re using one of them.

Sigfox Ready Partner Program for IoT Platform as a Service: Cloud-based Sigfox Support System integration.

Use an existing solution

Sigfox Ready certified products

Sigfox Ready certified products

If you’ve already defined an end-user application, just browse the Sigfox Partner network to go through the wide variety of Sigfox Ready certified devices. They address the needs of many industry sectors.