Published on 02.21.2018


Technical PreSales Support

The objective of the Technical Presales (TPS) is to develop and maintain technical and project management skills in order to support connectivity selling.


Sigfox deploys its network worldwide through distribution agreements with local partners (Sigfox Operator – SO), in charge of deploying and maintaining the network, and marketing and selling connectivity thanks to customer, channels and ecosystem development.  The relationship with each SO is managed by a Country Manager. Development of connectivity is mainly triggered by customers or channels of Sigfox Operators through their ability to implement IoT Solutions.

The objective of the Technical Presales (TPS) is to develop and maintain technical and project management skills in order to support connectivity selling.



The main responsibility of the manager Technical Presales - in Region is to:


  • Make sure that the Sigfox Operator has the relevant technical knowledge to foster local ecosystem development within its country. As a consequence, TPS monitors SO activity, SO ecosystem development plan and consistency with sales plan.
  • Support Sigfox teams, SO, selected/strategic channels and customers with regards to the technical parts of technical pre-sales activities. It can be either for technical adaptation of an already existing IoT Solution or for the design or implementation of new IoT Solution
  • Apply best practices, tools, processes and methodologies provided by the Pre-Sales Support practices team and provide feedback to enhance practices Technical Presales is the local Sigfox technical authority.
  • TPS shall master all aspects of Sigfox technology (from radio design to cloud development) in order to make sure that the SO is in position to sell the connectivity in its footprint.


As a consequence, TPS is responsible to put all the necessary actions in place to make sure that the SO:


  • has the relevant technical understanding of Sigfox technology, its offer and products
  • is in position to technically qualify SO partners that will be part of the local ecosystems (test houses…)
  • is in position to technically qualify projects of customers or channels, to make sure that this fits Sigfox technology value proposition and complies with SO development strategy  : 


- promote existing solutions to channels and customers

- provide expertise or rely on qualified partners to perform technical adaptation (if any) of an existing IoT solution to local constraints (including certification)

- provide support to Sigfox Ready Certification in countries

- provide expertise or rely on qualified partners for solution design cycle and solution lifecycle :

  • project management and organisation
  • customer needs identification
  • specification
  • cost modelling (connectivity, device, platform, maintenance, …)
  • risk assessment and management
  • PoC
  • technical partners identification
  • production and industrialisation, certification

- answer to RFP or RFQ (including security - device, communication and Sigfox cloud, personal data usage and regulatory / licensing, …)


TPS shall technically support Sigfox internal team that are part of the Business Development entity, in central or in region.

Qualify with Sigfox technical experts technical impact (systemwise), of change requests from SO, selected/strategic channels or customers

Qualify SO’s or selected/strategic channel or customers’ technical partners

Regularly assess SO team skills and perform trainings when required



  • Local Ecosystem development (qualified partners, number of new certified object in region,…)
  • Number of new connected devices
  • SO, and internal Sigfox internal satisfaction
  • Contribution to process, best practices, databases and tools enhancement
  • Quality of reporting



  • 5-8 year experience in large presales project management with significant customer value
  • Strong track record in successful signing of complex deals, in particular in IoT
  • Strong knowledge in IoT solution design and electronic design
  • Strong ability to manage deadline and work under minimal supervision
  • Leadership and ability to motivate transversal teams to achieve objectives. 
  • Strong presentation skills and project management skills. 
  • English: Fluent. Other languages depending on the region
  • Degree or higher education in Information technology, electronic, business/economics or equivalent




Full time