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Reduction in OPEX


Increase in Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) accuracy


Reduction in CAPEX

Tracking and monitoring your most valuable assets has never been easier and cost-effective.

By massively reducing the cost of your trackers and connectivity, Sigfox-ready IoT solutions offer flexibility, affordability, and an end-to-end view of the whole supply chain and of all your assets. You can even easily monitor the location and condition of goods as they travel by land, sea, and air. Some smart logistic solutions also add Sigfox as an anti-jamming back up connectivity for increasing the security of your warehouses and fleet vehicles.
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asset tracking
Track all your assets to optimize the supply chain
With Sigfox, asset trackers are now affordable, easy to install and maintain, run for years on battery and geolocate indoors and outdoors. To optimise your supply chain, you can now track returnable packaging and containers, as well as low cost assets such as pallets, parcels or trolleys.
Improved warehouse security
Smart security alarms use Sigfox as a backup to cellular connectivity. Simply because Sigfox is jam-proof. Power supply is another Achilles’ heel for alarm systems. Sigfox-ready presence detectors can run for months or even years without replacing the batteries and at the same time, simplifying installation and reducing costs (no wires require).
Monitor transport conditions throughout the entire supply chain
Goods such as medicines and agri-food must be transported under specific conditions to keep them viable. Sigfox-ready solutions offer, for a low cost, more data granularity on temperature variation, shock and tilt by tracking all crates and pallets. With accurate insights into quality control, traceability and responsibility boundaries, it ensures goods are delivered safely, on time and in perfect condition.
connected fridge
Improving food safety
Sigfox-ready IoT solutions can help ensure food safety procedures are observed by accurately monitoring the temperature of food storage facilities and refrigerated trucks and containers. A simple device installed in the storage unit can be configured to send alerts in the event of abnormal temperature levels, to trigger swift remedial action.

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