Smart cities

Connected dumpster : talking trash

Collection routes can be optimized with a simple connected ultrasonic sensor indicating the level of waste inside dumpsters. Get valuable data about dumpster usage, empty cycles, and more.


Air quality monitoring

Sigfox ready sensors are so easy to install and so cheap to operate that a whole municipality area can be covered with much more measurement points. Some cities even put them on trams and buses ! With such a greater amount of data it’s easy to build interactive and real time mapping of air pollution and improve pollution prediction using Machine Learning.

fog in town

Fire hydrants:
monitor potential issues in real-time

Get instant alerts when a fire hydrant is in use and how much water has been used with a pressure sensor. Install an accelerometer sensor to send alerts instantly if a hydrant breaks, leaks, or malfunctions. A temperature monitor will help to prevent cold weather damage in cold climates and wintery conditions.

Fire hydrants

Street lighting: simpler to monitor and maintain your network

Plan maintenance operations by detecting overheating, power supply shortage, and broken bulbs. This allows you to deploy workers only when necessary instead of for routine maintenance checks. It’s also possible to remotely control light intensity to yield increased energy savings.

street lighting

Water level monitoring:
you’ll never be flooded anymore

Prevent flooding, measure storm water buffer tank levels, monitor drinking water supply, and monitor waste water manholes with ultrasonic sensors. These sensors provide crucial data on important water infrastructure conditions.

hydraulic dam

Where are the available parking spots ?

Knowing parking lot and garage occupancy is of great value to ease car driver’s life, reduce air pollution and optimize of local police enforcement. Autonomous sensors just send the data to the cloud, no need to build any local network.

cars parked

Make temporary parking authorization easier

Cities must deliver many temporary public domain usage authorizations. Connected roads signs simplify the process by displaying the dates and hours of allowed parking through a digital e-ink screen updated using Sigfox bi-directionality. The sign also detects shocks or movement and can send a message to the local police or other appropriate recipients in case of breach of regulations.

no-parking panel
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