We are making the IoT revolution happen !

We, at Sigfox are giving a voice and a life to the physical world. Ultimately, everything around us will be able to have a voice. With the continued miniaturization of sensors and technologic advancements such as energy harvesting, we will witness a continuous ow of data, merging the physical world to the digital world.

Sigfox is moving the world forward.

Through our global LPWA network and rich ecosystem of expert partners, Sigfox delivers out-of-the box, two- way, secured communication services to unlock the true potential of the Internet of Things.

  • We provide a standard way of collecting data from sensors and devices with a single, standards-based set of APIs. And our disruptive technology complements traditional cellular M2M by enabling global, ubiquitous, ultra-long battery life solutions at the lowest cost.
  • We also have great potential as a secondary connectivity solution to enable lower battery consumption and better user experience.
  • Sigfox provides the network, the technology and the expert ecosystem necessary to help companies and organizations make the most of their IoT ambitions.

What if high costs & battery life were no longer barriers for connectivity to the physical world ?

Imagine a world...

Where re-charging or replacing batteries are no longer needed because sensors and data transmission are autonomous and self-powered.

Where everyday inexpensive items can transmit practical information like installation date, usage hours or temperature fluctuations.

Where universal low power connectivity can be combined with high band-width solutions to improve existing applications and to enable endless possibilities.

Where connected objects could communicate right away without pairing or configuration, delivering easy accessible data through online device management tools and cloud solutions.

Where only one contract and one cloud platform enables to manage the data of a worldwide objects fleet.

A powerful ecosystem that benefits everyone.

Whether you’re a Sigfox Operator, Channel Partner, device manufacturer or end-client, you have a lot to gain from Sigfox’s powerful ecosystem of partners and talent.

Together with our ecosystem, we’ve been building and developing along the IoT value chain to speed up the adoption of Sigfox connectivity solutions and leverage our partners’ scale and distribution capability.