SNCF eliminates disruptions and delays on its telecommunication services with remote wireless backup power monitoring

When it comes to managing the telecommunication systems of France’s national railway, having enough power is key. Power failures happen, which is why SNCF invested heavily into backup power batteries. When the primary power fails, the backup power supply should be available to provide critical equipment with the necessary power. But SNCF found that this wasn’t always the case.


  • Backup power supplies can lead to service interruption if the company is not warned when power is shifting on batteries
  • Services breakdowns and disruptions can occur
  • Expensive maintenance crews have to be on constant standby

SNCF achieves remote, wireless backup battery power monitoring thanks to Intesens and Sigfox

To solve this issue, SNCF turned to the IoT to provide the answer. With backup battery monitoring in place, SNCF maintenance operators can achieve a level of visibility not previously possible. This brings with it a wealth of benefits and the promise of a more reliable and better rail service.

  • Maintenance operators can be proactive and anticipate breakdowns. Maintenance operators received an alert by SMS (text) and/or email in order to intervene before service breakdown occurs.
  • Maintenance teams can conduct remote diagnosis. When backup batteries empty or fail, the monitoring device doesn’t just send alerts, it also sends valuable data and gives an estimation of the level of charge of the battery.
  • SNCF can plan battery replacement. Now, thanks to the online dashboard, SNCF maintenance teams can confidently predict when batteries will need replacing and schedule the necessary maintenance.
  • Customers experience uninterrupted services. With a greater control over their backup batteries, SNCF can ensure that all of its telecommunication systems get the power they need, always.
  • SNCF can fix their problems quickly and economically. SNCF is able to solve a problem that can impact the quality of its services by using a cost-effective solution that also helps to optimize their maintenance operations.

Intesens backup power monitoring solution

SNCF rely on Intesens’ backup battery monitoring solution as their IoT solution. The IDIAG Battery monitors battery health, its charge and discharge, and the room temperature. An alert is sent via Intesens’ web platform — IDIAG Cloud — and via SMS and email when any fault is detected. The device also records data analysis that covers a diagnosis of the vital points of the battery, and a detection of deep discharges and its end of life.

Xavier Lafontan

President and Founder

IDIAG Battery relies on a simple device plugged onto the backup battery. It sends its data through the Sigfox global network to our cloud interface which is easily implemented into the customer’s information system.

Nicolas Gorisek

Regional telecom maintenance unit manager

Thanks to Intesens we found a solution that meet our needs. As it relies on Sigfox network the deployment is fast. There is no need to invest in any infrastructure (dedicated communication equipment). This loT solution can be used anywhere and everywhere and is excellent as a remote diagnostic tool for businesses.