Smart livestock collars let ranchers track, monitor and manage herds like never before

Executive Summary

  • Smart livestock collars allow ranchers to track animals via GPS and set virtual boundaries with an easy-to-use smartphone app.
  • Cloud-based management system gives ranchers a complete view of their herds in real time.
  • Advanced technology monitors the wellbeing of animals by collecting and analyzing health and behavioral data and sending alerts when anomalies occur.
  • Information is tracked and aggregated over time, helping ranchers make informed, long-term decisions about the wellbeing of their herds.
  • This innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solution helps ranchers minimize operating costs, reduce animal losses, improve birthing success rates, and increase animal health and safety.

The livestock industry seeks a better way to manage herds around the clock

Whether its rounding up stray animals, warding off predators, identifying sick or injured livestock, or removing carcasses before they attract predators—out on the range, the hours are long and the workload is grueling.

When it comes to containing livestock and warding off predators, fencing helps ease the burden of manpower and reduce animal loss, but this is not always an ideal—or feasible—solution.



Track and recover lost or stolen animals with maximum efficiency

Health and safety

Health and Safety

Manage the health and safety of herds around-the-clock and reduce animal losses

Predator threats

Predator Threats

Proactively address predator threats above and beyond range riders and fencing

Long term management

Long-term Management

Gather information on grazing route and behavior patterns to make informed long-term decisions

IoT technology gives farmers ranchers a powerful new tool

For the first time, ranchers have a complete view of their herds—anytime, anywhere. Representing the latest in IoT innovation, smart livestock collars give ranchers the ability to virtually fence and track animals via GPS, as well as gather crucial information to better manage the health and safety of their herds.


Developed by veterinarians, ranchers and engineers who understand the unique challenges of modern ranching, these durable, lightweight collars gather real-time information about location, speed, body temperature and stress levels of livestock, and deliver it all in a user-friendly app, through Sigfox’s global IoT network. For ranchers around the world, smart livestock collars reduce inefficiencies, decrease operating costs and improve the health and safety of cattle, horses, sheep and goats.

Smart livestock collars minimize operating costs, reduce animal loss and improve safety of herds

Digitanimal App

Livestock collars are plug-and-play, so they don’t require pairing or complex configuration and can be connected to the network in a matter of minutes. Once connected, each device gathers real-time information on the location of an animal, as well as the animal’s speed, body temperature and stress level. This information is transmitted to the Internet and made available in a use friendly way to ranchers on smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Alert notifications are sent if an animal strays beyond set boundaries, or if a health or behavioral anomaly occurs. Now for the first time, a rancher has a bird’s-eye-view of his entire herd, right at his fingertips.

Reduce costs

Reduce Cost

Streamline operations and minimize costs.

Decrease animal loss

Decrease Animal Loss

Set virtual boundaries and receive alerts when an animal strays. Recover lost animals with GPS tracking.

Improve birthing success

Improve Birthing Success

Receive real-time alerts if an animal feels stress due to labor difficulties.g

Increase herd health

Increase Herd Health and Safety

Learn instantly if animal’s behavior or body processes fall out of normal range.

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DIGITANIMAL arises with the aim of providing greater peace of mind, increasing profits and improving animal health in livestock farms by using collars to monitor animals.

DIGITANIMAL objective is to provide livestock farmers with the cutting edge technology in precision farming.

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