Smart buildings

Gather real-time insights, monitor systems, track equipment and secure valuable assets.

What if your building could talk? Sigfox-enabled wireless plug-and-play IoT solutions are lower-cost, autonomous and more flexible than any other retrofitting solutions to make your building smarter. It’s never been easier to gather real-time insights into infrastructure stability, rodent infestations, trash collection, building systems, equipment status, but also office space air quality or desk occupancy.

Track construction equipment to combat theft and optimize usage
Real-time GPS tracking of assets and materials enable construction companies to reduce theft, increase productivity and control operating costs.
smart alarm
Secure construction sites simply and cost-effectively
Sigfox-ready wireless alarms using battery powered presence detection sensors are the perfect solution for early-stage projects and unpowered sections of construction sites.
fire alarm
Smoke and fire alerts sent via the Internet
Smoke detectors connected to the Sigfox network can send real-time alerts and battery level. Security companies can respond faster, improve safety, lower their cost of maintenance and better manage their operations.
backup alarm
Back-up alarm systems
Smart security alarms use Sigfox as a backup to cellular connectivity. Simply because Sigfox is jam-proof and increase alarm system reliability. Rather than competing with traditional systems, Sigfox-ready solutions and devices provide a cost-effective, scalable way for security providers to increase the effectiveness of their existing services.
smart building
Retrofitting building with simple wireless automation system
Low cost Sigfox-Ready wireless sensors can be installed quickly and easily all over the building to monitor on a central platform all systems such as HVAC, boilers, light, power, fire, and security
smart utilities
Collect consumption data effortlessly
Monitor and optimize your infrastructure with real time smart metering to detect leaks and breakdowns, automate billing and remotely activate and deactivate services.
smart engineering
Insights into the integrity of building infrastructure
Monitor cracks, extensions or strain gauges to better predict and plan improvements.
Ensuring defibrillators are in order
Battery is working and send alerts to emergency services when in use
rodent monitoring
Avoid rodent infestations
IoT solutions using infrared sensors for monitoring rodent activity identifies hotspots in the building so that rodent management programs can trap up to 6 times more rats.
smart waste management
Let the trash talk
Smart bins and compactors connected to Sigfox network can trigger a refuse collection request depending on filling level. An add-on temperature sensor can send an alert in case of fire.
Just press the wireless button to call for service
When stock needs refilling (eg toilet paper) or facilities need maintenance, clients simply press the button. Over time, Facilities managers can reduce costs, improve servcies and predict client needs.
smart desk
What if your desk could talk?
Smart desk monitoring solutions using wireless infrared IoT devices over Sigfox network are the simplest set up solution for mapping and monitoring occupancy rates of your office space.
Monitor employee attendance remotely
Easily install and maintain Tap-in/Tap-out Sigfox-ready readers (coupled with simple NFC cards) allow employers to monitor the attendance of workers, contractors and cleaners on remote work sites.
customer satisfaction
Monitoring customer satisfaction
Use simple emojis buttons to trigger instant responses from customers as they leave the areas under your management. The data is then available in the cloud for visualization and results interpretation.

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