Sigfox World IoT Expo - Watch the replay


Press Releases


Sigfox launches world’s first “IoT network-as-a-service", bringing IoT connectivity to billions of unconnected devices. Read more →


Sigfox boosts its IoT global footprint, achieving national coverage in 17 countries, and expands into four new countries. Read more →


Roland Berger and Sigfox Announce strategic partnership ULTRA VALUE to unlock business value through IoT. Read more →


GCT Semiconductor partners with Sigfox to announce world’s first hybrid (Cellular + Sigfox) solution for Internet of Things (IoT). Read more →


Sigfox announces a partnership in IoT with Global Electronic Equipment Manufacturer and Design Partner, Alps Electric Europe. Read more →


Sigfox extension module is available for Cross Domain Development Kit (XDK) from Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions. Read more →


Sigfox and BrakeForceOne subsidiary BFO Mobility cooperate in the Internet of Things. Read more →

Pictures from the event

Ludovic Le Moan


Christophe Fourtet


First connected letter - Sigfox


Sigfox and Simplecell


Sigfox World IoT Expo