Sigfox Geolocation, the simplest and cheapest IoT location service

Sigfox Geolocation is a low-energy location service for all devices equipped with the simplest Sigfox module, without GPS. There’s no need to retrofit to upgrade specific hardware, or to update software: Sigfox can now provide a location for all existing and future devices in all areas where the network is deployed. For customers located in a territory covered by Sigfox, the service only requires a monthly option fee. This monthly fee is calculated as a % of the subscription fees of Sigfox connectivity.

How is Sigfox Geolocation used?

Locate a fleet of devices

Know where your customers are. Know that you have thousands of customers in one area but none in another. Then launch a geo-marketing cam- paign in this area.

Track the path used by your devices

Check to see that your device went through a specific railway station at 12:00 on Tuesday and arrived in the right warehouse in the destination country’s airport the following day.

Enjoy all the benefits of Sigfox

As for all services provided by Sigfox, this service is:

Low energy

Low energy

No need of GPS chip- set, no need of specific hardware, no additional processing.

Low cost

Low cost

No extra hardware cost, no extra message to be sent by the device.



The location of the device is sent directly to the customer IT through a callback or standard API.



Location service is available for all Sigfox territories.


Indoor and outdoor

Sigfox Geolocation is available wherever there is Sigfox coverage.

Map with a marker

What do you get?

For each message sent by a device, Sigfox Geolocation provides real-time coordinates (lati- tude/longitude) and the precise location in km, delivered through a callback or standard API.

How does it work?


The location computation is based on the data from the Sigfox infrastructure, coming from several replicas of the same messages sent by a device and received by different base stations. The method used is not based on flight time or signal Doppler shift, but on the signal strength (RSSI - Received Signal Stren- gth Indicator) using a probability model (the location with the highest probability is selected). The Sigfox Geolocation service will evolve in 2017 to increase its accuracy by using Machine Learning technology.

Do you need a very
precise location ?

If you need a very precise location (<500m), combine Sigfox Geolocation with Wifi or GPS

Use Sigfox with GPS

Use Sigfox to transmit your location and complement GPS localization in indoor thanks to Sigfox.

Use Sigfox with WIFI

Use Sigfox to transmit your location and complement Wifi localization in rural areas where Wifi is not accurate.