Published on 06.22.2018


Services Director

The Services Director is accountable for ensuring quality of service towards end customers across the SOs & Sigfox. As such, the Services Director is responsible for customer service delivery assurance (can we deliver our commitments); customer contract lifecycle management; service asset & configuration management; customer service delivery management.



In the role, the Services Director will :


Lead Service Delivery Assurance – This function is responsible for :


  • Interfacing with the pre-sales SO organizations to ensure all delivery commitments in the contract are achievable, including deliverables, service levels and reporting requirements
  • Assisting the delivery team by representing delivery capabilities into bids.
  • Providing final delivery assurance sign-off on non-standard or large opportunities
  • Ensuring that all services and tools have been accounted for in bids
  • Working closely with the IOT agency when involved to ensure all costs are accounted for in bid and proposal responses
  • Managing the internal capacity & availability to proactively manage the resources (people, platforms, processes, and partners) availability and capacity across the entire supply chain required to take on a new (or changes to) service contract.


Lead customer contract life cycle management – to ensure customer services contracts are managed throughout the contracts lifecycle, i.e. from contract activation through to contract deactivation. Driving contract renewals is part of this activity.


  • Define, implement and manage a formal policy; set of rules and framework for contract management.
  • Define and measure service contract management KPIs (e.g. time to service activation) and drive improvements
  • Ensure contracts are managed from activation through to termination.
  • Drive contract renewals by proactively triggering the renewal process and following-up key renewal milestones.
  • Ensure that contract & customer data is uploaded correctly within our contract management and delivery systems.


Service Asset & Configuration Management – to ensure customer contracts are managed throughout the contracts lifecycle, i.e. from contract activation through to contract deactivation. Driving contract renewals is part of this activity.


  • Identify, control, record, report, audit and verify configuration items (CIs).
  • Ensure data quality is optimum to drive operation excellence and drive data quality with all necessary parties.
  • Provide the right level of information; alerts and analysis regarding service asset churn.
  • Ensure service assets & configurations items are deployed correctly within our platforms for any standard services.


Transition Management – to ensure that service contract activations, changes / renewals or terminations are taken into operations with the level of planning and information required to guarantee that the service will be delivered with the agreed Service Levels & commitment.


  • Ensure that proper transition planning is taking place with the right level of forward notification, communication. Additionally, service transition will drive coordination at country, regional & global level to ensure a new contract is taken on with quality.
  • Set-up and govern all steps of the activation process with proper testing & validation.


Global Customer Service Delivery Management - This function is for Global Customers, responsible for


  • Managing across the delivery the OLA & SLA related to any internal and external activities necessary for the fulfilment of all customer service contracts.
  • Managing the customer service delivery dashboard reporting on all relevant effectiveness, quality and efficiency metrics (for internal and external activities) and enabling forward business decisions to be made in the service delivery organisation.
  • Driving, managing and measuring all service improvement initiatives across all internal and external delivery functions.
  • Driving quarterly Customer Service Delivery, reports, review & meetings




  • Vision, focus and energy to push boundaries and accelerate the achievement of near and longer term strategic objectives
  • A strong business and commercial orientation with the ability to build a scalable business unit
  • Strong big picture vision as well as the ability to get to the detail and be able to interpret that into different levels in the organization
  • Strong operational management skills with the ability to establish programs related to end-user computing operations
  • Interpersonal skills with the ability to develop and maintain strong stakeholder relationships
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written) with the ability to present information clearly and succinctly
  • Decision-making skills and ability to build a cohesive team
  • Excellent leadership skills to create and communicate a vision for the end-user computing operations role
  • The ability to recognize opportunities for enhancement and continuous improvement
  • Fluent English


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