Published on 06.14.2019


Service Reability Engineer (SRE) Madrid

SRE is responsible for the availability, performance, efficiency of monitoring, change and incident management, and Sigfox cloud infrastructure capacity.

The main responsibilities of a SRE engineer are the following:


  • Contribute to the design and implementation of cloud infrastructure to deliver Sigfox services to partners and customers.
  • Deploy and guarantee the operational availability of services via monitoring and troubleshooting across all platforms (development, test and production environment) .
  • Design, develop and maintain the necessary tools to automate all tasks and operations.
  • Analyze the performance of the different components and their capacity, while guaranteeing their reliability. Actively participate in transversal projects within Sigfox.




  • System and network administrator or passionate self-taught, with significant experience in open source systems engineering, infrastructure and/or cloud technologies.
  • Developer eager to work on the design and administration of automated, scalable and highly available platforms.



  • Proven ability to diagnose and troubleshoot incidents or problems.
  • Proactivity for the continuous improvement of processes, methods and work-tools.
  • Service culture and sensitive about SLA compliance.
  • Autonomy and good organisation capacity.
  • Rigor, precision and good oral and written communication.
  • Advanced English.



  • Administration GNU / Linux systems and Cloud: virtualization (kvm), AWS, GCP.
  • Knowledge of one or more programming languages: Python, Go, Java, Bash or others.
  • Automation tools: Ansible, Terraform.
  • Container technologies and micro-services environment: Docker, Kubernetes.
  • Data, storage, streaming: Mongo DB, Kafka, Elastic Stack, Redis, Percona / Postgre, InfluxDB, Consul / Etcd.
  • Monitoring tools: Zabbix, Prometheus, Grafana. Knowledge on on-premises server infrastructures appreciated: switches, router (BGP, MPLS),firewalls, load balancer.






Full time