Published on 10.29.2018


Security Validation Intern


We are looking for a proactive Padawan (also known as intern) for a 6 months assignment based in Toulouse.  You will integrate the Integration & Validation Team and the aim of this internship will be to assess the potential threats on Sigfox’s systems and to initiate the specification, design & deployment of an automated security validation environment.



Within Sigfox, the "Integration & Validation" team is in charge of providing the necessary environments, tools, and process to validate any new product before it is made available on the market. To achieve this, the I&V team is dedicated to the development of test automation environments (a mandatory step to implement Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and, in the future, Continuous Deployment); the development of new tests to increase coverage, validate new features or bug fixes; and the constant interaction with all actors of product development & operation to ensure quality expectations and business value. With respect to the Continuous Delivery Maturity Model, if the Intermediate level is (about to be) achieved, the Advanced level will require additional developments in security area and in risk based testing.



As part of I&V team and in close collaboration with the security office, the Padawan will work on the following tasks:

  • Identify the main security risks associated with Sigfox software components, being it in the Sigfox base stations, backend, services or network.

  • Specify the test plan that shall be deployed to assess security risks of each new / updated component before its deployment on the field

  • Specify the set of tools and / or technologies to be deployed to automate this validation

  • Deploy / implement  those tools / technologies within the continuous integration environment of engineering



  • Knowledgeable in the cyber security space (i.e. pentesting)

  • Proactive

  • Autonomous / Handyman

  • Challenging

  • Fluent in English



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