Published on 06.04.2021



The role is focused on supporting sales performance manager to get a more optimal sales performance with next-generation tools and metrics-driven best practices, KPI reporting and sales administration.

Sales Performance activities

Working directly with the Sales Performance Manager (SPM) to measure and optimise Sales Performance within an international Sales team and collaborating closely with Marketing, Finance and Data Technology departments. Sales Performance Management is an innovative discipline of sales management that is focused on driving more optimal sales performance with next-generation tools and metrics-driven best practices.

The Sales Performance Analyst will collaborate with the SPM on the following topics :


Sales Reporting

Measurement of existing Key Performance Indicators through CRM and analytical tools to update report and dashboard and assistance on Pipeline & Forecast improvement

Sales Optimisation

Continuous improvement of sales effectiveness and efficiency by making Ad hoc analysis & measuring sales activity

Sales Enablement :

Provide methodology, communication, execution, process & training


Sales Performance Management marries the traditional discipline of sales management with a more rigorous, focused and metrics-driven approach to optimize resources and improve sales performance. Ultimately, this leads to generating repeatable and predictable revenue. SPM is focused on improving the performance of the sales organization.


  • Strong analytical and reporting skills that leverage information for decision-making
  • Proficiency in Microsoft office and CRM software.
  • Excellent written & oral communication skills (Fluent English)
  • Must be able to work independently, handle multiple projects to completion in a fast-paced environment, and collaborate effectively at an advanced level
  • Consistently thinks out of the box and brings new ideas to the team
  • Sales experience is a plus



Full time