Published on 12.14.2018


Python Developer Intern


We are looking for a proactive Padawan (also known as intern) for a 6 months assignment based in Toulouse.  You will integrate the Data Solutions Team and the aim of this internship will be to deliver a version implementing some automated changes and to integrate it to our collect process.



Within Sigfox, the Data Solutions team is responsible for collecting data from different Sigfox applications, which are fast growing and evolving systems, whose data schemas are very likely to change from one release to another. In order to be able to join and analyze massively data from these systems, it has been chosen to load these data in a relational database. However this causes issues when the collected data schemas change. For now we handle these issues by automatically skipping the changes and only manually taking the changes into account when needed. In order to be able to automatically take the changes into account, a Python library has been initiated but is not yet ready to be used in our collect process.



As part of Data Solutions, the Padawan will work on the following tasks:


  • take hold of existing Python library

  • define a perimeter of automatic changes to be managed by the new release of the library

  • implement the new release

  • transform the library into a package to ease its deployment

  • write unit tests

  • integrate the library with existing collect process

  • write technical and user documentation

  • Technical environment: Python, Spark SQL, AWS Redshift, Bitbucket, JIRA



  • Proficient in Python programming

  • Software design

  • Proactive

  • Team player

  • Interest in bigdata technologies would be a plus




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