Published on 06.07.2018

Marketing and Communication

Product Marketing

The product Development Manager is responsible for shaping and executing Product roadmap. He/she is accountable for the functional requirements of its product / product range.


Forming part of the Product & marketing team, the Product Development Manager is working with Sales, operations and especially Engineering teams, as well as with key stakeholders across the business.




The Product Development Manager collaborates with a variety of internal and external stakeholders to assist with the development of platform products in support of the overall business strategy. They contribute to and facilitate the co-ordination of the product development process.

He/she is expressing business requirements into functional requirements, and thus is bridging business requirements and their implementation & delivery. He/she make sure business priorities are taking into account during the development of the product/ product range.

In this position, you will be the Product Owner dedicated to the Base Station including their related deployment tools with their hardware and software evolutions. It includes as well all innovation linked to the local deployment of this equipment to our Sigfox Operators.




  • Retrieve from the different product marketing needs on the products under his responsibilities.
  • Refine business requirements and translate them in functional requirements and detailed use cases.
  • Define priorities on those different needs.
  • Build the middle term roadmap on the products based on those priorities.



  • Describe and transmit to “Component Owner” functional requirements & use cases translated in user stories.
  • Work with “Component Owner” in the definition of the product release plan by grouping features to develop according to priorities (Product Dev bringing business priorities / component owner brining technology and capability priorities). It is a constant interaction between Product Development Manager and its counter-part at engineering - 
  • Contribute to product delivery & interact with PMO to secure product delivery planning thanks to interaction with other products.
  • Escalate in case of priority management to Product Marketing & PMO organization.
  • Monitor & report progress on the product delivery through monthly / quarterly product report (PMO)




  • Take care to define the end-user experience on the different product use cases.
  • Define the product costing structure for development & operation.
  • Put in place metrics (KPIs) to monitor product usage, adoption & costs in operation.
  • Execute surveys on users (key personas) to define improvements.
  • Manage with Engineering continuous improvements on usability and cost efficiency




  • Knowledge on RF technology is a strong plus: GSM/WCDMA/LTE, PMR, 802.11, M-Bus
  • A successful experience of 2 to 3 years as product owner in the development of embedded software or in the design of telecommunication products (base station, small cell, connected devices, M2M module, mobile phone,
  • Good problem solving skills, being a team player, being detail oriented, being decisive, exhibiting comfort in a fast paced work environment, and being an initiative taker
  • Proven ability to work successfully in a demanding, multi-faceted matrix organization (many stakeholders across different disciplines)
  • Ability to set priorities, balance time to market with solutions, make the right trade-offs if necessary, perform risk assessment, and produce timely results.
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills: Must have the ability to work across all departments seamlessly, while building strong internal and external relationships through outstanding communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Ability to quickly grasp complex concepts and make them easily understandable


Communicating and Listening

  • Demonstrates good listening skills and ability to present in a clear and concise manner.
  • Ability to deliver professional presentations in a clear and concise manner.


Team Work

Works effectively as a team player, whether part of a department or virtual project team. Oils the wheels for the team and fulfils own obligations and delivers on time and to team expectations.

  • Contribute effectively to a team discussion and decision-making.
  • Share knowledge and experience with the members in order to support the team’s goal.
  • Ensure that others are able to perform related tasks or deliver related objectives.


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