Sigfox Sunrise

In addition to its IoT Network services, Sigfox also provides a streamlined, onboarding process, Sigfox Sunrise. Designed to help partners cut their development time and costs, Sunrise includes: 



Partner Network



Sigfox Partner NetworkThe one-stop source for all resources partners need for their IoT project, from hardware to devices, development kits, platforms and end-to-end solutions. 


If you’ve already defined an end-user application, just browse the Sigfox Partner network to go through the wide variety of Sigfox Ready certified devices. They address the needs of many industry sectors.




Sigfox Build


Sigfox buildSigfox offers an online onboarding and support web portal dedicated to device makers and solution providers. Called as simply as “Build” this service aims at accelerating the deployment of IoT solutions, by distributing content, services and tools, offering projects design management features, and by guiding device makers to the best solutions to speed up their time to market.


In addition, this platform streamlines the Sigfox Ready certification process for modules and devices. 



Sigfox Buy


Sigfox buySigfox offers an online purchasing platform for connectivity packs to connect from one to hundreds of devices. It offers the possibility for makers & developers to purchase connectivity subscriptions online with a credit card.


It addresses particularly players, such as start-ups, innovation labs, universities, in need of 10 to 100 subscriptions. It has never been as simple and as quick to purchase Sigfox connectivity.