20 November 2019

Sigfox enhances its geolocation services suite “Atlas” to offer more accurate worldwide asset tracking

Press Release
Sigfox enhances its geolocation services suite “Atlas” to offer more accurate worldwide asset tracking

Major milestones achieved in Sigfox Atlas Suite, thanks to advanced technological developments and strong global partnerships


PARIS/SINGAPORE, November 20th, 2019: Today at Connect 2019, the largest IoT marketplace, Sigfox, the world's leading IoT service provider and first global 0G network operator, announces two complementary, powerful new offers that significantly enhance the accuracy of its major geolocation services: Atlas Native and Atlas WiFi. 

Atlas Native Complimentary

Launched in January 2017, Atlas Native is the first Sigfox geolocation service, solely based on the Sigfox network. The service is available for every device equipped with the simplest Sigfox module, without GPS or any other additional hardware/software component.

From today, solution makers with GPS-devices can benefit from the Atlas Native Complimentary service free of charge in exchange for data processing rights, with several major names already on board. Thanks to this GPS location data and its comparison with the Sigfox network fingerprints, the machine learning algorithms used to compute Atlas will reduce the uncertainty of the “real” location of the asset and improve geolocation accuracy, down to 800 meters.

Benjamin Mazet, Product Management Director on the global Sigfox portfolio, said: “With this partnership offer and the machine learning algorithms used to compute and improve Atlas accuracy, Sigfox is constantly enhancing the quality of its geolocation services, bringing huge benefits to new and existing Sigfox customers - literally at the flick of a switch and by always keeping the device as simple as possible.

Atlas WiFi deployment complete

In a second accuracy-honing development, Sigfox has now completed the global rollout of Atlas WiFi in partnership with HERE Technologies, creating a global location service that will open new opportunities for IoT applications, particularly in supply chain and logistics.

Atlas WiFi takes advantage of HERE Technologies’ global database of WiFi access points, which can now be queried by Sigfox WiFi trackers and, by reporting the unique MAC addresses to the cloud, generating a far more accurate asset position, and a seamless outdoor and indoor geolocation service.

As determining WiFi-based location consumes less battery than using GPS, Atlas WiFi enables long life IoT tracking solutions – a key requirement for supply chain and logistics applications.

We are pleased that this partnership with HERE Technologies has delivered a successful product in Atlas WiFi and are intensifying mutual R&D activities to develop new IoT products and services for the future,” added Benjamin Mazet.

The value of IoT tracking solutions in the global supply chain is increasingly well recognized, with Sigfox customers such as DHL and Groupe PSA actively deploying real-world asset tracking and logistics solutions at significant scale.