09 June 2020

Sigfox 0G network digitizes Wanzl‘s logistics assets

Press Release
Sigfox 0G network digitizes Wanzl‘s logistics assets

Provides process visibility

Increases efficiency

Secures stocks

Optimizes maintenance


Munich, Germany, 9 June 2020 – Wanzl, the world’s largest manufacturer of shopping trolleys and baggage carts, has connected its logistics assets for retail and industrial applications – such as roll containers and pallet systems – to the Sigfox 0G network. The aim of this digitalization is to monitor the logistics assets in real time in order to increase asset efficiency, avoid unplanned loss and optimize maintenance intervals. 0G network-based trackers from Box ID Systems form the technological basis of the integrated wanzl connect® solution, which is expected to sell several millions of units in the future. The digitalization of carrier systems gives users greater process visibility in real time, which they can leverage to increase carrier efficiency and to optimize their entire supply chains, from central warehouses to rack jobbing in stores.

Retail is one of the largest markets in global merchandise management, where competition is fierce and the efficiency of supply chains is a key competitive advantage. By digitizing supply chain assets, Wanzl offers its retail customers the process visibility they need to optimize efficiency,” explains Glen Robinson, SVP Global Sales & Marketing at Sigfox.

There is no one size fits all solution for the flow of retail goods – instead, this sector needs case by case analyses and concepts. This is where Wanzl comes in as an integrated solution provider with a team of experts and the wanzl connect® software, which already offers many application-ready and holistic solutions for increased supply chain efficiency and carrier utilization,” explains Markus Spengler, Head of the Material Handling Division at Wanzl.

In partnership with BOX ID Systems and Sigfox, the tracker data is collected and consolidated in a Cloud via the 0G network, and visualized in wanzl connect® dashboards. The software analyses the data to derive recommendations for actions and alerts the user – for example, to return a roll container to the goods handling department, or to check up on containers that have been in the depot for too long. Digitalization and big-data analyses can also be used to optimize the flow of goods within warehouses or stores.

Wanzl connect® enables Europe-wide acquisition and analysis of all types of carrier data. It is a remarkably affordable solution, as the costs for data acquisition and 0G network connection, as well as the costs of operating the 0G-based trackers are comparatively low.

We are particularly impressed by the low maintenance and administration costs. They are a direct result of the guaranteed battery lifetimes of up to 7 years for the 0G trackers from Box ID Systems, which also have no SIM cards nor contracts that need to be managed. This allows us to gain additional value from digitizing the carriers that is significantly higher than the total cost of ownership and therefore justifies the digitalization,” explains Cassandra Klein, Product and Project Manager, Digital Solutions Logistics & Industry at Wanzl.

Providing high transmission and interference immunity, the Sigfox 0G signal also meets the highest requirements for correct and complete documentation. Since it is not dependent on individual gates, documentation can be processed at any time and anywhere as the network becomes globally available. In the event of an unplanned loss, the carrier can still be located after years.

Sigfox 0G-connected logistics assets are available from Wanzl now for orders ex works.