03 May 2018

How to get started with Sigfox?

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get started with sigfox

Are you launching an IoT project including Sigfox or do you simply want to test our connectivity?


Here is your survival guide that will direct you from learning about Sigfox technology to getting connectivity. That includes the whole process and tools useful to succeed your first tests. Which steps? Click on each one to learn more.


1. Learn : From Sigfox technology basics to IoT product certification.  
2. Choose : Your development or evolution kit 
3. Coverage : Check that your country is sovered or emulate coverage 
4. Connectivity : Activate or buy your connectivity 
5. Partners : Find the right partners to succeed in your project 
6. Get support : Get help from Sigfox engineers and community 

1. Learn from Sigfox technology basics to IoT product certification


Do you want to understand Sigfox technology and technical features? How to start a Sigfox project? Which hardware or antenna to choose? Or how to get  your device certified? 

These are relevant questions you probably wonder on the brink of your IoT project start. Sigfox Build is your friend to answer all these questions! 




  • Create quickly and easily your prototype thanks to tutorials, videos and articles
  • Reuse open hardware and source codes to accelerate your design
  • Follow the recipes to take advantage of our Atlas, Monarch, Admiral ivory offers
  • Anticipate certification and type approval issues

2. Choose your development kit


The easiest way to discover the Sigfox technology is through a development or evaluation kit, provided by one of our many partners. These kits enable users to send their first Sigfox messages within minutes. They are very easy to use and provide an out-of-the-box experience: Sigfox connectivity is bundled with the hardware.

As soon as you receive your kit, you can access our network with no extra work, and get an account on the Sigfox Cloud. Here are some references: 


  • 1

    Arduino (Available in Europe and Africa - RC1)

  • 2

    Wisol by Yadom.fr (Available in Europe and Africa - RC1

  • 3

    Sipy by Pycom.io (Available everywhere - RC1, RC2, RC4 - except in Japon)

  • 4

    Xkit by Thinxtra (Available in the USA, Mexico, Brazil (RC2), Asia, Sud America (RC4) and Japon (RC3) )

  • 5

    Unashield by Unabiz (Available everywhere - RC1, RC2, RC3 and RC4)

  • 6

    Wisol by SeaSlugLabs (Available in the USA, Mexico and Brazil - RC2)


And much more here.

3. Sigfox Network Coverage


Depending on your geographic area, there are different ways to access the Sigfox network.


sigfox coverage


  • Check if you are in a geographic area with coverage on our map. If yes, there’s nothing to do!
  • If you are in an area under roll-out, you can rent a Base Station by contacting Sigfox local Operator to get coverage.
  • If you are in a country we are not in yet, purchase an SDR dongle from our partners to emulate coverage.

4. Get Sigfox Connectivity


Make your devices come alive! Get connectivity for your development kits or devices:


Sigfox buy


  • To connect your development kit, notice that connectivity is included. You just need to register it on the Sigfox network
  • To connect from 1 to 1000 devices, discover our all inclusive connectivity Packs dedicated to starters.
  • Over 1000 devices? Contact your Sigfox local Operator

5. Sigfox Partner Network


Find out about the whole Sigfox ecosystem. Discover all Sigfox Ready products and contact the relevant partners for your IoT project:


partner network sigfox



6. Get help & support for your projects



Q&A platform with inputs from the Sigfox developer community if you don’t yet have a back-end account


Join the Sigfox technical community and get live answers. Share your feedback and best practices.


Get an answer from Sigfox team within few hours for more complex questions requiring an action from our side.