22 February 2018

Fox-Tech launches OTO Hunter, a low power smart lock total solution for bicycle-sharing market.

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Fox Tech

Researched and developed in Taiwan, OTO Hunter is a smart solution that integrates Sigfox's world-leading IoT connectivity service to greatly reduce the power consumption of smart locks. This solution will resolve the ongoing global issues of maintaining shared bicycles.


By integrating a smart lock with Sigfox's transmission technology and Bluetooth, smart operators of shared bicycles can now use this solution to manage their assets globally, effectively and at a much lower cost.


OTO Hunter Sigfox




  • Geo-fencing/electronic fences
  • Rechargeable battery life with customisation for Solar power
  • Support for Sigfox Radio Configuration Zones 1,2,3 and 4
  • Geolocation
  • Fall detection
  • Support for BLE smart v4.0+ (Android and iOS)
  • Battery power monitoring
  • Easy to integrate
  • Customisable
  • Low power consumption


On 2013, there were 50 countries with bike-sharing programs with a combined fleet of over 500,000 bicycles. Three years later, there were a total of 1,188 public use bicycle programs and 2,294,600 public use bicycles available worldwide.



sonic wang“Positioning technology has been demanded in different markets for a long time. However, the products currently available in the market have a weakness in their battery life. By using Sigfox’s low-power transmission, we may now provide the perfect solution. At Fox-Tech we are glad to know we are providing the most innovative solution for the bike sharing market. We are already working with Sigfox technology to provide our services in other areas”  said Sonic Wang, CEO of Fox-Tech.




As you may see the number of bike-sharing programs is increasing every year. However, one of their biggest problems is losing their bicycles and monitoring their fleet location. It is why the total fleet worldwide isn't increasing as much. Because of this, Fox-tech believes OTO Hunter is the perfect bicycle monitoring total solution for the bike-sharing market. Not only do they have the hardware, but they provide customizable software for the customers extra needs.





OTO Hunter is currently available. Customization to the software and hardware are available upon request. OTO Hunter is a product of Fox-Tech Co. Follow Fox-Tech on linkedIn to keep updated on their solutions.