Published on 04.20.2017


Localization Coordinator

The Localization Coordinator has responsibility to ensure the good practices, organisation and methodologies and then to apply them during project execution.
The Localization Coordinator makes sure that the objectives defined are met by every project stakeholders
The Localization Coordinator is communicating, reporting to all stakeholders




In order to be in position to operate Sigfox network in a given country (a country is a project), Sigfox needs to assess impact on its products and services and then to implement relevant potential modifications. This is the so-called “Localization” transversal process, which impacts all the Sigfox department, from Regulatory up to Operations.

In the scope of Localisation process and based on Sigfox project management standards, the Localization Engineer is responsible for 

  • Adapting, refining, and setting up Project Management methodology applicable to all project portfolio
    • Refine, enhance and document: organisation, governance, gates, milestones, and timelines
    • Refine, enhance and document the localisation process itself (responsibilities, accountabilities, arbitration, escalation, risk management …)
    • Set up the Project Management tooling 
    • Report and communicate towards stream responsible and stakeholders
    • Create, enhance KPIs for decision making and arbitration process


  • Execution of Project Management based on methodology built (see previous point)
    • Lead, organise and set up periodical meeting with steam owners
    • Lead action plan and make sure of its execution
    • Maintain KPI and Risks Management analysis
    • Communicate through reports and KPIs
    • Decide whether a project shall be managed specifically
    • Put priorities on each project Based on Presales directives




  • Experienced in project management in new technologies
  • Mastering all aspects of PMP / ITIL
  • High organisational skills
  • High communication skills
  • High level of assertiveness
  • Objectives focused
  • Proficient in English




Full time