Published on 06.20.2017

Marketing and Communication

Junior Product Manager - Internship

Sigfox business process map creation & web portal strategy



Project Overview

Sigfox provides a turnkey IOT network solution to customers who want to design, manufacture and to develop solutions & services based on connected devices.

As the IOT is a new market with various needs and expectations, Sigfox is constantly developing thanks to Agile approach new features / products in all activities dealing with the development, deployment, operation and support of a global network. In parallel to the core infrastructure, Sigfox is also developing a partner network helping companies to work together on the development of new businesses using the Sigfox technology.

For the product management of Sigfox, it is more and more important to have a global view of this ecosystem with the different actors and to make a detailed map of the different business processes that are running or will be put in place in a near future. Those processes to be efficient certainly need evolutions in the Sigfox product portfolio and as well clear entry points for the different actors of the ecosystem.

The project can be divided in 3 phases:

- Define the tools & methods to create this business process map.

- Interview peoples in the company to describe the different business processes and list the actual pain points and good practices to maintain.

- Build the global map and elaborate a strategy on the web portal accesses for the different actors to ease day-to-day usage from them and limit support from Sigfox.


  Role and Responsibilities

  • Work with the product management team on methods & templates to retrieve information to the different employees of Sigfox and build the description of the business processes.
  • Build an initial and non-exhaustive high level map of the different processes with definition of the actors / personas inside the Sigfox ecosystem in term of roles & responsibilities.
  • Organize interviews with different Sigfox employees to describe more in detail the different business processes and by listing as well pain points & good practices.
  • Write and manage the re-reading process of the documents describing those business processes.
  • Build the global map with the different actors/personas of the ecosystem.
  • Make proposal(s) on web portal structure that Sigfox should put in place to optimize the end-user journey on the different business processes executed through a web access.  



  • Student in Engineering school on computing science or on quality processes.
  • Structured approach to analyze an ecosystem with different actors.
  • Communication skills to manage interviews.
  • Writing skills to provide clear documents on the different processes.
  • Be able to make synthesis on complex topics in order to extract main points & define action plan(s). 
  • Technical knowledge on cloud technology & telecommunication network will ease the integration.