Published on 08.08.2017


internship Fullstack Developer

The special projects team is a small independent strike team taking development projects (mainly web-dev) in a fast-paced and iterative way. Currently used technologies : NodeJs, React, Redux, Mongo, Redis, Go, Git, Docker, etc..



  • Integrate the developers as a normal team member, and participate to the conception and development of the team’s current projects
  • The intern can sometimes be assigned small extra solo projects where he has to learn something new, develop and then present the results



  • Real passion for modern web development, from the server to the pixel on the screen. Knows a few innovative technologies in the field
  • Good knowledge of javascript, with at least a modern front-end framework
  • Has no problem with throwing away code that took hours to write, because it can be done better
  • Great communication skills
  • Awesome teamworker


If you have a project team at your school or some friends with whom you could form a small team, you are welcome to come as the whole group and to take over even bigger projects together