Published on 09.09.2019


Hacking House - Hardware/Electronic Engineering Intern


The Hacking House is Sigfox’ moonshot lab. You will have the opportunity to develop conceptual projects for potential customers and demonstrate the possibilities of our technology. Each team will have 3 primary skills: Software, Hardware and Business.


We are looking for a Hardware Development Intern to take part in the Hacking House:



  • Work as a team with other interns on delivering a successful working prototype for your client within 3 months;

  • Develop the idea, functionalities and user journey;

  • Develop the electronics of the device (schematics, layout);

  • Create a mock-up design and 3D-printed prototype;

  • Manage component sourcing and PCB production;

  • Manage device costs.



  • Engineering student in Master-2 doing its final internship before graduation.

  • An entrepreneurial mindset, Do-er and Risk taker. Must be a self-starter with a roll-up your sleeves and get the work done attitude.

  • Knowledge in electronics.

  • Embedded Software or mechanical knowledge is a plus.

  • Willingness to grow and learn other parts of IoT projects: project management, business development, software development, pitching ideas.

  • Fluency in English is required, French is a plus.

  • Willingness to carry on the project as an entrepreneur following the internship is a plus.



"Sigfox, as a learning organization and open minded on Diversity is ready to welcome Extra-ordinary people and adapt their workplace".