Published on 09.03.2018


Front-end Developer

The front-end developer will be joining the Digital Factory team, which is focused on building tools for Sigfox and its partners. 



She/he is a top-notch developer first, providing technical solutions to conceptual problems, but will also bring his expertise, general web culture and love for digital products, to help the product managers design the platforms beyond the code itself. 

The developer needs to know how to work in a team, define stories weight and take part in sprints definitions and reviews. He has ownership of code and beyond, and needs to see the full end-to-end picture of what the team is building. Very often, the developer is involved from the definition of the feature (story writing). 

Every developer is in charge of contributing to the processes, frameworks and libraries that are used by another teams at Sigfox, and that we keep improving. 




  • A deep passion for programming and general software architecture 
  • A deep passion for the design of great digital products 

  • Excellent knowledge of modern Javascript (ES6/7). 

  • Excellent knowledge of web standards and modern CSS patterns with very strong skills in page integration. 

  • Good knowledge of React / Redux, or at least of one component based library (Angular 2+, Vue) 

  • Good knowledge of Git 

  • Decent knowledge of unit and end-to-end tests (mocha, jest, selenium, headless browsers, etc..)  

  • Very autonomous and a good team worker at the same time 

  • Always willing to learn new things, open-minded, can adapt to new ways of working 

  • Good communication skills, both verbal and written 


Interests or experience in the following fields can also be interesting: 


  • Back-end interest and especially node.js environment 

  • Mobile development 

  • Building design systems and component libraries 


Sigfox, as a learning organization and open minded on Diversity is ready to welcome Extra-ordinary people and adapt their workplace.



Full time