Published on 11.28.2017


Enterprise Architect

The Enterprise Architect is accountable for the definition of Sigfox long term Operation Technology (OT) architecture and of the cloud infrastructure strategy and of their evolution to meet the business requirements both in terms of offer evolution and growth.


The Enterprise Architect is accountable for the definition of Sigfox long term Operation Technology (OT) architecture and of the cloud infrastructure strategy and of their evolution to meet the business requirements both in terms of offer evolution and growth.

He/she oversees the migration of the OT architecture towards the target he has contributed to define. 

He/she insure consistency and inter-operability across the various OT and IT systems and applications.

He/she contributes to the definition of business process and their mapping on the OT and IT systems and applications



The Enterprise Architect works with stakeholders, both leadership and subject matter experts to build a holistic vision of Sigfox strategy, processes, offers, information, operational and information technology assets and their interrelations in the context of the development and evolution of Sigfox world-wide IoT Network and IoT services offers.


He/She is accountable for the incorporation of this knowledge into the definition of Sigfox operational architecture and cloud infrastructure strategies that he/she will document using multiple architectural models or views that show how the current and future needs of Sigfox will be met in an efficient, sustainable, agile and adaptable manner that is consistent with the business models of Sigfox.

The OT (Operational Technology) system and Cloud Infrastructure are intended as a highly-available system constrained by SLA and highly-scalable as they support the overall Sigfox network. The target architecture and cloud infrastructure shall be able to sustain the traffic and processing requirements associated with the expected growth of the IoT market addressed by Sigfox.

The Enterprise Architect oversees the evolution of Sigfox OT architecture from a system mostly dedicated to message aggregation and processing to a full featured IoT services delivery system including data services and analytics.  


He/she is a key contributor to the implementation of Sigfox operational architecture and cloud infrastructure strategies. As such he/she:


  • Insures alignment of IT/OT strategy and planning with Sigfox business goals.
  • Optimizes information management and IoT services delivery through an understating of evolving business needs and technology capabilities.
  • Defines the target operational architectures, and the roadmaps and timescales for these architectures, including migration/transition strategies, to ensure an effective evolution of Sigfox IoT service platform.
  • Acts as design authority and provides an assurance role and works with the OT engineering teams to ensure that all architecture activities and deliverables are produced to a high quality and are consistent with existing standards, policies and strategies
  • Works with Solution Architects to provide an IoT Services delivery platform that is scalable, localizable and adaptable to the ever-evolving business needs and able to support the expected growth of the business.
  • Promotes and leverages shared infrastructure, applications and services to optimize resource efficiency. Ensures that projects do not duplicate functionality or do not diverge from each other or from business and OT strategy.
  • Participates to the development and adoption of policies, standards and guidelines that direct the design, the selection and the make/buy decision for Information and Operation technology within Sigfox.
  • Contributes to risk management initiatives concerning the Sigfox Operational infrastructure especially as regards to security policies and development standards.
  • Builds employee knowledge and skills in the area of cloud infrastructure and scalable OT solutions.



  • 15+ years of experience in development and/or operation of information technology and cloud infrastructure – Demonstrated capacity to lead technically a team that has developed a shipping product – Participation to the delivery of a scalable cloud based OSS.
  • System thinking – the ability to see and explain how parts interact with the whole (“big picture thinking”)
  • Comprehensive knowledge of hardware, software, application and system engineering
  • Good knowledge of Agile development methodologies and delivery pipelines including DevOps and continuous deployment.
  • Knowledge of Operation Technology governance and operations
  • Professional and positive approach, self-motivated, facilitation skills, team player, dynamic, creative with the ability to work on own initiative, customer orientation.
  • Communication skills, both written and spoken with the ability to explain complex technical issues in a way non-technical people can understand
  • Fluent English


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