Published on 06.04.2021


Data : Geolocation algorithms optimization apprentice

The growing volume of data exchanged every day in the SIGFOX network leads to the development of numerous data services. The geolocation of devices transmitting in the SIGFOX network represents a considerable challenge and requires the implementation of sophisticated techniques combining data analysis and processing, the implementation of algorithms and geolocation techniques. The mission will focus on the combination of geolocation by WiFi and geolocation by the Sigfox network in order to optimize the geolocation accuracy visible by the final customer.  


In this context, your main activities and responsibilities, within the SIGFOX Data Technologies team, are: 

- Understand the network data geolocation algorithms and the AWS architecture and implementation 

- Develop and test methods to improve the performance of geolocation algorithms and models combining WiFi geolocation and Sigfox network geolocation. 

- Set up statistics and KPI allowing the automatic monitoring of the deployed solutions 

- Respond to customer requests/feedback and propose corrective measures to improve customer satisfaction. 

- You are motivated to join a dynamic structure in full growth;

- You are motivated to work on problems at the interface between data science, big data and software development;

- Student in final year of engineering school and/or Master 2 in Computer Science or Applied Mathematics;

- Programming language and software development tools: Python, Numpy, database (SQL and/or no SQL), AWS, Spark. 



Full time