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Fight construction equipement theft with IoT


Any building companies face a major challenge that remains unsolved: construction equipment theft. The French Building Federation estimates that the cost of thefts on construction sites is around 1% of the construction industry’s revenues, representing 1 billion euros.





As a global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures offering a wide range of products and solutions, Legrand sought to answer its clients’ security needs in finding a way to monitor expensive assets and preventing theft and damages on construction sites.


Enhanced by the Internet of Things (IoT) technology and Sigfox’s network and know-how, Legrand created a solution to allow businesses providing and installing electrical equipment to get real-time insights on assets and increase security on construction sites.


Electric panels are one of the main equipment affected by theft: it represents a significant cost for businesses that do not have insurance for their stolen assets on construction sites and cannot afford the services of expensive security companies to protect their equipment. 




- Protect expensive assets and equipment on construction sites

- Enable stolen assets recovery in tracking them  

- Reduce the cost of stolen assets for the construction industry and building companies


How Legrand's solution works


Based on Sigfox’s IoT connectivity, the solution connects electric panels to track them and ultimately prevents them from being stolen or damaged.  

Once a motion is detected, it triggers an alert via the Sigfox network to the electrical contractor. The motion detection also triggers the GPS tracker placed in the item: the GPS details are then communicated via the Sigfox network. 


Legrand Sigfox


Besides Legrand’s solution specifically designed to protect electrical panels, Sigfox’s IoT connectivity enable the tracking of any other moveable assets of construction sites. 



Thierry LachaiseThierry Lachaise
Marketing – Home Equipment

 ‘After the analysis of different technologies available on the market by our R&D department, Sigfox appeared to be the best solution with the best compromise in terms of low cost, low energy consumption, and geographic coverage’

Fabienne HeraultFabienne Herault
Marketing Group Manager

 ‘The IoT is not just a trend but truly a reality, since we will have around 50 billion of connected devices all over the world by 2020. That’s why we rely on companies such as Sigfox who provide us with the necessary technological know-how so that we can create concrete solutions that are simple to execute.’

Sigfox enables Legrand to provide a low power, autonomous and economical solution to all of their clients

sigfox IoT delivers

Legrand has a presence in 180 countries around the world. It is important that they are able to partner with an IoT connectivity solution that reaches the vast majority of these clients. Sigfox’s global network lets them do just that.

Legrand needed the anti-theft solution to be viable for a minimum of three years. This meant working with a partner who could enable low-power connectivity. The Sigfox network is the perfect solution. By sending small, intermittent messages, the Sigfox network is incredibly power-efficient. Energy isn’t wasted by devices constantly and unnecessarily sending information to the cloud. Instead, devices only send messages when necessary. The result? Legrand’s devices will remain constantly active for at least three years.

In order to be able to provide the solution to all of their 136,000 partners, Legrand needed to develop a cost-effective solution. After all, anti-theft solutions are no good if they cost companies a fortune to implement and run. Initial charges for network access had to be low and ongoing subscriptions had to be kept as small as possible. Because the Sigfox network uses little power, costs are also relatively small. As a result, Legrand can provide an economically viable anti-theft solution to all of their clients.

Legrand needed a simple and autonomous solution for their antitheft device to be effective. Clients weren’t going to spend time setting up the system and connecting it to a network. It had to work out of the box. Sigfox’s network was the perfect solution. Because devices don’t need to connect to WiFi or mobile networks, devices were able to be shipped operational. No setup or installation is required, either, because devices are integrated into the panels.