Published on 04.13.2018

Marketing and Communication

Corporate Press Relations Coordinator

The PR & Media Coordinator is in charge of SIGFOX’s media relations, including press releases as well as media campaigns, internationally.




The Corporate PR Coordinator is in charge of SIGFOX’s media relations, including authoring of press  releases, in collaboration with relevant internal and external stakeholders. Responsibilities furthermore  include monitoring of media activity and assistance in developing the media relations strategy for the  company, for both corporate and commercial communications.


SIGFOX operates on a global scale and the media strategy is therefore adapted to the different levels of brand awareness in the different geographies, as well as to the commercial strategy for different  countries.


Missions are to:


  • Develop and coordinate relationships with key reporters in relevant markets/geographies served  by SIGFOX, through a set of PR agencies as well as directly.
  • Coordinate with SIGFOX marketing & communication leads and relevant business executives to  develop media strategies, content and appropriate tactics designed to generate maximum  media impact in support of the business objectives.
  • Coordinate with the Communications Director on all engagements, situations or circumstances  that could result in negative media coverage.
  • Manage agencies and internal resources in support of media relations activities.
  • Write and edit news releases, working closely with relevant marketing & communication leads  and other senior executives, client contacts, partners as appropriate.
  • Participate in the definition of the corporate messaging
  • Coach/train designated senior spokespersons and others representing the company externally on effective interactions with the media. Staff interviews.
  • Serve as subject matter expert in media relations and communications for others inside  SIGFOX.




  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in media relations/corporate communications preferably in a tech and/or B2B organisation
  • Excellent written and oral communications skills in French and English. Being a native English speaker is a plus
  • Proven ability to quickly and concisely draft a wide range of clear, concise and high­quality  media materials including news releases, media Q&As, media pitch letters, blog posts, bylined articles, etc.
  • Broad understanding and skills in strategic marketing and communications, especially in area of  specialization or crossing more than one functional/technical area.
  • Ability to interact and work closely with media contacts representing clients, partners, third­party  organizations, vendors, and others.


Position could be based both in Paris or Toulouse - depending on the profile.


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Labège / Paris

Full time