Published on 09.12.2017


Contract Management Director

Monitor the life cycle of the contracts with Sigfox Operators and Channel Partners, involving Sigfox’s appropriate resources and process in order to manage risks and optimize financial impact.



Contract administration mainly for the Distribution and Subscription Agreements


  • Creation: Analyze the customers’ needs, build a shared value proposition with internal stakeholders (such as Marketing or Finance) including offer and process, and draft the contractual documentation accordingly with the support of our legal department.
  • Negotiation: On all standard and nonstandard contracts, provide redlined recommendations to Sales, develop negotiation strategies that minimize potential losses and maximize the financial performance. Provide guidance on contractual matters, including training to Sigfox operational staff and Sigfox Operators in contracting practices and procedures.
  • Validation: engage relevant stakeholders in negotiation decisions involving legal or regulatory requirements, contract standards and cost targets to secure appropriate resources and process
  • Execution: monitor compliancy from all contracting parties with the support of Service Management
  • Closure: ensure contract close-out, extension or renewal


Relationship management


  • Serve as primary contact on contractual matters related to the Distribution Agreement. Able to explain each terms of the existing contract and the associated risks
  • Ensure that standard templates and signed contracts are communicated to all relevant parties to provide contract visibility and awareness, interpretation to support implementation.
  • Align internally with managers of the BU and relevant divisions of finance, legal, marketing, engineering and operations.
  • Work closely with Legal to follow-up on amendment requests and set priorities according to business requirements
  • Work with Finance/ Marketing to ensure adherence to broader finance and risk requirements such as revenue recognition, pricing and discounting policies... May include ‘financial engineering’ and understanding / evaluating economic impact of terms and term options.
  • Support Product Management / Marketing to ensure company products and services are offered with appropriate, competitive terms and conditions
  • Interface with third parties such as Sigfox Operators, public authorities or legal consultancy upon request.


Contract performance and claim management: Risk, cost, delay optimization, compliancy.


  • Handle on-going issue and change management in coordination with Presales, Sales, Service Management and Legal departments.
  • Oversee transaction and network deployment compliance (milestones, deliverables, invoicing etc.) and Service Level Agreement Compliance
  • Track and manage quick resolution of any compliance gap involving financial impact and compensation
  • Review Service Management’s feedback on contractual performance of both parties to ensure compliance with terms and to identify areas of recurrent pressure, conflicts or changes requiring resolution.
  • Identify risks (legal & contractual, operational, commercial financial) and propose corrective measures in respect to the contract.
  • Maintain deadlines on deliverables and communicate on an ongoing basis with Sigfox Operators and Sigfox Corp about contractual issues.
  • Monitor customer satisfaction with our terms and conditions and contracting



  • Bachelor in business, contract law or engineering + MBA or business consulting experience
  • Demonstrated experience drafting, redlining and negotiating contractual agreements  (indirect sales / partnerships / alliances preferably in high tech environments)
  • Demonstrated ability to identify and implement process improvements and project manage large, complex, strategic and operational initiatives
  • Proficiency in utilizing and interpreting financial models and analyses.
  • Outstanding analytical and problem solving experience, combined with strong business judgment, intellectual rigor and an ability to think independently, and outside the box.
  • A natural inclination to look for solutions, to methodically evaluate a situation and provide positive recommendations and drive issues through to successful conclusion/resolution.


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Full time