Published on 05.05.2017


Content Manager

The content manager for the Sigfox Partner Network is in charge of everything that is content related on the platform. His/her job is to make sure all partners put the right amount of content on their pages with the best quality possible.

The Content Manager for Sigfox Partner Network is in charge of the content strategy and its execution for the platform. He/she needs to make sure the content available on Sigfox Partner Network is as good as possible so that users find what products and companies they need. It will require working hand in hand with companies and partners as well as producing dedicated content.



  • Monitor Content provided by Partners

The Content Manager needs to make sure content provided by partners on the platform is accurate, numerous, relevant. His/her objective is to make sure the content is as numerous as possible, and as updated as possible.

  • Organize, tag, classify Content

On Sigfox Partner Network, the content manager will be in charge of the overall categorization of products, solutions and partners. Working with different Sigfox Teams, he will have to make sure partners are positioned at the right level, with the right categorization.

  • Define Features and Improvements that can help partners on the Content side

The content manager, working hand in hand with the product manager, will be able to influence the platform roadmap when it comes to better helping partners and users leverage the content side of Sigfox Partner Network.

  • Launch initiatives to increase content quantity and quality

The content manager will be invited to launch all sorts of projects and initiatives to improve how partners fill their pages on Sigfox Partner Network.

  • Special Projects

As part of Special Projects’ Team, the content manager will be involved in more projects that just Sifgfox Partner Network and will be in charge of content management (both production and monitoring).

  • KPIs

- Percentage of fields filled by partners

- Relevancy and quality of information provided by partners

- Number of product pages by partner



  • Excellent English editing, writing, and verbal communication skills or Native English
  • Strong technical knowledge – Technical background.
  • Ability to quickly grasp complex technical concepts and make them easily understandable


Web knowledge : 

  • Ideally some in the use of web tools and platforms
  • Ability to transform user feedback into requirements for the product team
  • Technical background to work with technical teams.
  • SEO background

Communicating and Listening:

  • Demonstrates good listening skills and ability to present in a clear and concise manner.
  • Ability to deliver professional presentations in a clear and concise manner.

Relationship Management:

Manages relationships effectively, builds rapport and develops empathy.

  • Ability to engage effectively with Partners and Sigfox SOs.
  • Ability to build rapport and to demonstrate real understanding of the situation needs and requirements.

Team Work:

Works effectively as a team player, whether part of a department or virtual project team. Oils the wheels for the team and fulfils own obligations and delivers on time and to team expectations.

  • Contribute effectively to a team discussion and decision-making.
  • Share knowledge and experience with the members in order to support the team’s goal.
  • Ensure that others are able to perform related tasks or deliver related objectives.

Soft skills:

  • Excellent marketing skills and ability to provide customized collaterals
  • Excellent written & oral communication skills
  • Consistently thinks out of the box and brings new ideas to the team





Full time