Admiral BLUE

Deep connectivity with value creation

Sigfox innovative and global connectivity services extract very small and relevant data that wirelessly communicates to the internet, over a long range and at a very low cost. This data delivers business value, cost and operations optimization, new revenue streams and better decision-making.

The Admiral connectivity service is ideal for recurrent and unpredictable data transmission. Your devices can connect over a long-life duration to send significant and unquantifiable volumes of messages. Admiral relies on predictable autonomy, meaning it allows our customers to size their batteries to the number of messages they want to send over the duration of the device.

The service offers an annual subscription with different connectivity options to tailor any needs.

Key benefits

One contract, one network, one cloud

Highly reliable and secure

Energy efficient

Simple deployment

Global mobility with features

use cases

Transport & Logistics


Automotive and Fleet Management

Health & Assisted Living

Building Management




Retail & services