Antenna design essentials for SIGFOX Ready™ devices

June 20, 2016

Technical White paperNobody should consider antenna design as a simple afterthought when designing a SIGFOX Ready™ wireless connected device. This publication will help you to understand the key points about antennas to help you make the right choice at the very beginning of the design phase. It provides you with an understanding of the most important concepts to enable you to choose the best options for your device. Thus, it will help you understand what is important to reach "best in class" radiated performance for your SIGFOX Ready™ device.

Table of contents

1. Introduction
2. Antenna: a critical component for a device operating on the SIGFOX network
3. Antenna: a very sensible component
    3.1 A little bit of theory
    3.2 Sensitivity to the environment
    3.3 Sensitivity to the design integration
4. Antenna design technical considerations
    4.1 Antenna parameters that matter
    4.2 The earlier the better
    4.3 Some antenna topologies
    4.4 Miniaturization technics
    4.5 Antenna manufacturing technologies
    4.6 Advices on off-the-shelf internal antenna integration
5. Antenna topology selection Tool
    5.1 External antennas
    5.2 Integral antennas
6. Conclusions

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