Nettrotter, the SIGFOX Network Operator in Italy, Offers Dedicated Internet of Things Coverage to 60% of the Italian Population

April 13, 2016

Lissone (MB), April 13th, 2016. Nettrotter, the subsidiary of EI Towers that began deploying SIGFOX’s Internet of Things (IoT) network in Italy’s largest cities four months ago, today announced that the network covers more than 60% of the country’s population.

By offering a global, cost-effective and energy-efficient communication solution for the millions of sensors waiting to be connected, SIGFOX paves the way for multiple new IoT applications in all business and industry sectors. Its international ecosystem of partners helps developers and users wherever the network operates to create and deploy a wide range of IoT solutions.

SIGFOX’s IoT network is today operating in 17 countries and already registers more than 7 million objects. Wherever its network is deployed, SIGFOX provides customers with a subscription-based low-power wide area (LPWA) connectivity solution, with access to international coverage and feature of SIGFOX’s offer.

Nettrotter plans to cover 75% of Italy’s population within the next three months, and to offer nationwide coverage to businesses and consumers by the end of 2016.

In only 4 months, the subsidiary of EI Towers has performed a fast rollout of the network and plans to offer nationwide coverage to businesses and consumers before year-end

The EI Towers subsidiary is accelerating its network deployment, and its effort to bring to the market innovative low-cost devices, platforms and real-time connectivity that can be immediately implemented in concrete solutions by companies and private and public entities to enhance their business and/or to reduce costs.

Carlos Lambarri, Nettrotter’s CEO, said: «Nettrotter has made possible, in just a few months, what many people have been only talking about for a long time. Our network is, actually, the only project in Italy with a real LPWA network already in operation, whose low cost, low power, simple services can be enjoyed by companies and end users for multiple applications. These range from water metering to energy management, from home safety to tracking of people and goods, and from access control to air-quality monitoring, as just some examples. Italy’s industrial sector will now be able to become a major player in the new, promising industry of the IoT, which can support significant job growth and wealth creation in the years to come».

« We are delighted that Nettrotter is accelerating its rollout and bringing the coverage levels that are unlocking today the full IoT potential », said Rodolphe Baronnet-Frugès, SIGFOX executive vice president of networks and operators. « Italy’s electronic industry is and will be at the forefront of IoT innovation in Europe. Adoption of SIGFOX communications service in Italy is one of the fastest in the world and SIGFOX and Nettrotter are working intensely together to bring solutions to the market, locally and globally».



About EI Towers and Nettrotter

EI Towers is the leading independent tower company in Italy. With an infrastructure of more than 3.000 sites under management (2.300 broadcast and more than 700 telecom), it provides integrated services to network operators active in the TV broadcast sector, publishers or publishers’ consortia of radio industry, mobile telecommunications network operators (GSM/UMTS/LTE), wireless Internet providers (WiFi/WiMax), public utilities and government institutions. EI Towers network is complemented by a fibre optic backbone (more than 6.000 kilometers) and a satellite infrastructure based on up-link platforms and long-life contracts for several transponders.

Nettrotter ( is a brand new company that has been incorporated to deploy the SIGFOX Internet of Things network in the Italian territory and to sell its subscription- based connectivity to the Italian IoT market. Nettrotter is deploying the new IoT network on a fast track, starting from Padova, Roma, Milano and other cities, where the new connectivity has been providing services since the first quarter of 2016.

Nettrotter is a subsidiary of EI Towers ( and has Thinktank 2000 ( as a minority shareholder. Nettrotter is headquartered in Lissone and has an office in Rome, and is developing a cluster of partners to promote complete off- the-shelf solutions for the Internet of Things, based on the existing successful use cases and many others that will be made available in a very short timeframe.


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