Capturs - consumer GPS tracker using SIGFOX


June 03, 2016

This week Capturs launched its Kickstarter campaign on . Capturs is the first live GPS tracker dedicated to outdoor sports, based on Sigfox technology. Targeting all sportswomen and men participating in long-distance and remote activities, Capturs aims to reassure those who are close to you of your well-being by keeping you connected during your workouts. Alert systems improve safety (geofencing, movements, shocks…). By using the Sigfox network Capturs is able to function autonomously on a single charge for up to 1 month, far exceeding the performance currently offered by other leading technologies.  


This sports tracker has been highly successful during the first day of the crowdfunding campaign, reaching more than 50% of the funding target in less than 5 hours and ranking at the top of the actual crowdfunding campaigns in France.  


Capturs is the first consumer sports tracker relying on Sigfox technology as explained by Arnaud Loulier, one of Capturs' founders.


We chose Sigfox’s technology because of the reliability and the size of the network. We have been really impressed by the quality of the Sigfox signal, even in so-called white zones, which is a very welcome surprise.


Capture has attracted interest in a lot of communities: trail running, hiking, biking but also by paragliders and hot air balloon pilots who really have similar tracking needs for their activities. By integrating classical sports tracker features in their beacon, Capturs have fulfilled a need in the growing population of outdoors enthusiasts … all thanks to Sigfox power. Go Capturs! 


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